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Pine furniture and pine kitchens made in the UK in our Cornish based pine factory. We specialise in small wardrobes, any size wardrobes, farmhouse tables and custom made furniture at low factory prices. We have been manufacturing for over 18 years and are a friendly family business. Handmade pine furniture at factory prices.
Eintrag vom: 20.04.2011.

Mass Core Drilling core drills perfectly round holes in concrete foundations, concrete floors, concrete walls and structures for the installation of Dryer Vents and Pellet Stove Exhausts in Massachusetts. We also service Southern Maine and Southern New Hampshire.
Eintrag vom: 20.04.2011.

Concrete Doorway Cutting Service cuts floors in basements for the addition and remodeling of basement bathrooms. We cut french drains and sump pump holes, doorways and windows in concrete foundations. We provide concrete cutting, sawing, drilling and breaking in the Boston MA Massachusetts area. Anything to do with concrete basement floors, basement walls or basement bathrooms.
Eintrag vom: 21.04.2011.

Concrete Cutting One is located in Framingham MA and services the Metro West Massachusetts and the surrounding cities and towns. We provide concrete sawing, coring, core drilling and cutting services to both the contractor and homeowner. We cut basement concrete floors, drill holes for dryer vents and core holes for pellet stove chimneys and exhaust.
Eintrag vom: 24.05.2011.

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