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We are Major distributor of Freeware - Shareware - Commercial software etc. Here you can Download all the latest Freeware - Shareware - Windows - Tools - Utilities - Ipod - Android - Apps - Games etc... You can also send us your PAD file and we will add you in our database -
Eintrag vom: 18.12.2011.

Try to get your data back using an intelligent method of fix Corel files. It is much easier than you may think, additional explanations are not needed during the analysis of corrupted images, just use the shortcut of Fix Corel Tool Free and follow its guidelines, the most of steps are fully automated, you should select a file of CDR format to be processed that is all. Try this program on your PC and evaluate it anytime you need.
Eintrag vom: 19.12.2011.

Mac Blu-ray Player is the first universal media player for Mac&PC in the world. It can not only play blu-ray HD movies on Mac or PC, but also support any formats of movie, video, audio, music and photo you have ever seen. Particularly, you are able to add subtitles, and share the movie's information with your best friends. Furthermore, it has very easy and convenient interface and layout as well as the hardware acceleration technique.
Eintrag vom: 20.12.2011.

Fix DBF Free is the ultimate recovery and repair utility for DBF FoxPro database files. Downloaded quickly, it installs in seconds with full after sales and installation support. You then are guided through a three stage recovery process which is almost fully automated - all you have to do is select the DBF file to recover, let Fix DBF Free run and indicate you wish to proceed with recovery when initial analysis is done. Download Fix DBF Free!
Eintrag vom: 20.12.2011.

Download all the latest Freeware, Shareware, Windows, Tools, Games. You will also find lots of information about different programs on our website. We also against your pad file so that your program will be included in our large database of programs. Visit us on
Eintrag vom: 20.12.2011.

PDF protection software easy to use desktop application to protect batch PDF files with user password and owner password. User password is required to open PDF documents and Owner password is required to modify various permission like print, assemble document, content copying, content copying for accessibility, form filling, modifying document etc. PDF locker software use different type algorithm during encryption process of PDF like RC4 and AES.
Eintrag vom: 21.12.2011.

Do not panic if one or more illustrations of CDR format are not accessible for any reason. The fix CorelDraw service, provided by Fix CorelDraw Tool Free, allows recovering CDR illustrations using any disk in the network, local or remote. This program runs on all computers using the Microsoft Windows operating system, please get it for evaluation and evaluate the possibility of image recovery in your case.
Eintrag vom: 21.12.2011.

Perform AutoCAD dwg redcovery with ease - simply download AutoCAD Recovery Free today and let our state of the art software do all the hard work. You need no computing experience nor specialist skills normally associated with performing file recoveries. Simply download AutoCAD Recovery Free and install it - next run the solution and you will be guided through the three stage recovery process using our simple to use interface.
Eintrag vom: 22.12.2011.

With +25K of software for FREE unlimited and superfast downloads, is a very popular download directory. All software virus scanned and checked for updates on a daily basis. New titles added every day, games, utilities, tools etc! Win & Mac. All titles have extensive descriptions, all are rated and many with user reviews and screenshots so you can get a preview before you decide to download.
Eintrag vom: 23.12.2011.

Barcode making Software can makes bar code in number of color, black and white and tranparent barcodes, creating barcodes can change in size according to user need. Barcode Generator software can make thousand of barcodes to make label to sell.
Eintrag vom: 24.12.2011.

Download Exchange Server Recovery Free for fast and effective Microsoft Exchange server data recovery. When you lose your data and files you need a solution you can turn to immediately which is simple to use and yet powerful enough to quickly get your business back to work. Powered by a simple GUI backed by our error detection algorithm and a comprehensive error database, you're assured fast recovery. Download Exchange Server Recovery Free.
Eintrag vom: 27.12.2011.

URL AUTOFIRE is an Automatic Link Clicker with support for Private Proxies and random useragents. URL AUTOFIRE can boost your Youtube views, MySpace plays or other website where visitors counts. It comes with a built-in Scheduler which means you can enjoy a day at the beach while you actually clicks 10 or 10000 times on a chosen link.
Eintrag vom: 27.12.2011.

As a powerful 3D video converter, DVDFab 2D to 3D Converter works perfectly for all kinds of 2D to 3D Conversions. It can convert 2D DVD, 2D Blu-ray, and various 2D videos to 3D videos which can be played on computer, 3D TV, even glasses-free 3D smartphones like HTC EVO 3D, Sharp SH-12C Aquos 3D, and LG Optimus 3D P920, and some other compatible display devices.
Eintrag vom: 27.12.2011.

Try Convert OST to PST Free if you encounter problems with corrupted email folders in Microsoft Outlook format caused by any reason, the investigation of these issues is not really important anymore. The success of convert ost to pst is possible even in the most serious instances of email corruption and it does not matter which issue caused the damage of pst files. This application is so easy to use that you can quickly get your data back.
Eintrag vom: 27.12.2011.

URL AUTOFIRE is an Automatic Link Clicker with support for Private Proxies and random useragents. URL AUTOFIRE can boost your Youtube views, MySpace plays or other website where visitors counts. It comes with a built-in Scheduler which means you can enjoy a day at the beach while you actually clicks 10 or 10000 times on a chosen link.
Eintrag vom: 28.12.2011.

Free Music Converter is the most powerful freeware audio converter available today on a market. It allows you rapidly and easy convert one music format to another. With the innovative decoding technolody, it is able to complete converting tasks 5x faster than another audio converters. In addition to common music conversion tasks, you are enabled to trim the source music if you don't want to convert the whole soundtrack.
Eintrag vom: 28.12.2011.

Please evaluate the service of PST File Recovery, provided by the PST File Recovery Free tool, if you encounter difficulties with Microsoft Outlook files. Since the investigation of data corruption problems and some other preventive activities may take a lot of time, the usage of email recovery tool may become easier in all instances of Microsoft Outlook recovery. This program can be used under all software configurations.
Eintrag vom: 28.12.2011.

Fixer CDR Files application provides an easy approach to the safety of CorelDraw files. The fixer cdr program is easy to use and efficient in all instances of data corruption, affecting the integrity of cdr files. This tool works under all supported software configurations using the Microsoft Windows platform therefore you should not have any difficulties with it. This approach takes less time than backups and often provides better efficiency.
Eintrag vom: 29.12.2011.

PDF File combiner can combining pages to make it more requirable also break PDF files into small chunks or parts to make publish on internet, make ebook with bookmark. PDF Merger software watermarking pages with the text in user defined position.
Eintrag vom: 10.01.2012.

Adobe Illustrator is a leading graphics software package but when your data is damaged you need to know how to repair Adobe Illustrator files fast and without fuss. Download Illustrator Repair Free today and follow the simple wizard which automates the file recovery process. Powered by our advanced error detection protocol with a comprehensive error database, Illustrator Repair Free is the most effective and comprehensive recovery tool today!
Eintrag vom: 11.01.2012.

Frostwire is a p2p peer to peer file sharing program that allows users to download unlimited free music, videos, and movies.
Eintrag vom: 11.01.2012.

Chariots PIM DB is Easy to use Scheduler (W/Year View) and Database. Ribbon Bar Technology and Touch Screen Enabled!. You can Save Names, Addresses, Phones, Emails, Birthdays. Sort, Search, Print and Export the Databases. Install-Uninstall support, Help File, Database Backup and Restore & More. Chariots PIM DB requires a 1024 x 768 display, a Mouse, 512 MB Ram, Pentium 4 or Better, Windows XP (sp2) or Better, and Microsoft .NET Framework2.
Eintrag vom: 12.01.2012.

Delete Duplicate Files: Download software to Delete file duplicates, Recommended by Microsoft(R) Corp. How to delete duplicate files? How to delete file duplicates from hard drive? How to delete duplicates from memory card? Delete duplicate files of Any type: delete duplicate Photos, delete duplicate Pictures, delete duplicate Music, Documents and Videos. Delete Duplicate Files - Download deduplication software at
Eintrag vom: 13.01.2012.

Rewrite articles into unique, human readable SEO friendly copies quickly. Article Rewriter Wizard can rewrite individual articles or entire folders into new unique copies. You can rewrite all words or simply selected words and the article will read perfectly but show as unique content, index easily, pass Copyscape and other duplicate content bots. Create an unlimited amount of quality articles almost instantly with this article rewriter.
Eintrag vom: 13.01.2012.

TalkMail voice email is free, and it sends high fidelity sound voice email messages, with outstanding sound clarity, to any email address in the World. TalkMail messages include your picture, and document attachements of your choice. The program supports mailing lists, and keeps full records of all your voice email transactions.
Eintrag vom: 14.01.2012.

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